< This post is some what different to most of my normal posts. I just thought I’d play around with a new style of writing. If you have any comments, alternative views, or feedback about whether this type of post is something that seems like a good idea, please post below ^^. All types of responses are welcome! 😀 >

Fate is an idea. An idea, according to modern society, that is about how one’s life and future has been etched in stone, and is inalterable. Such an idea is believed by many people (a fair portion of these people also tend to be the victims of fortune tellers and their scams). These “believers” are often criticized by “non-believers” about how absurd the idea that our future is limited and despite how hard one tries, there will be no other ending to the story we call life.

The idea of fate seems to be miscommunicated. Fate, in my personal opinion, does not control our entire life, but rather just components of it. This means that one’s life isn’t totally set in stone, but certain events in our lives could be. In essence, fate is the butterfly effect or the domino effect. One decision is bound to lead to the other and eventually lead to one specific event that is unavoidable due to your initial decision. This might seem far fetched and could possibly be seen as contorting the belief of “fate.” For those criticizing my views about fate and how I’m toning it down. Think about it. Do you really want life to be just a simple ride down a straight path with no choices? Or would you rather have life be a driveway filled with exits and choices that lead to somewhere you don’t know but filled with adventure that is the uncertainty?


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