Week #18: Scenic Views

< So after realizing that I’m eight weeks behind my schedule, I’ve decided to post bi-weekly for a short while until I’ve caught up with the initial timeline. >

Once you venture off towards the outskirts of cities, instead of concrete and cement, greenery and homely cottages begin to overwhelm the onlooker. No longer are your senses dulled by the chaotic city atmosphere. It is now delighted by the serenity of the countryside, free from the clutches of urban life. Your mind is now free to wander off as you lay your eyes on clouds that travel, not where they want to go, but where fate blows them to.

One of the things that I absolutely love about England is the lush country side that makes up for most of the country, and although the picture doesn’t necessarily capture everything about the countryside, I think it makes you think about what lays at the end of the path. I think that’s what I like about this photo. It partially shows the wonder of the countryside and also let’s your imagination work.

IMG_3471PS. If you are curious about the gear I have it’s under the photography tab.

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