You Are So Very Weird

You are out in public and you say or do something that seems out of the ordinary for other people – whether it be saying a non-sensical phrase that only your friends understand or breaking out into a dance – almost 99% of the times, you’ll receive a glance from those around you. The glance that so blatantly reads, “You are so very weird,” and makes you feel ashamed and afraid to do what you were doing ever again as you start to feel judged for everything you do.

Seeing people glance like this to others is a very common occurrence, but a couple weeks ago I saw something that was truly rare and special. While I was staying in London, I went to watch Mamma Mia and there was an elderly couple behind me, who were definitely avid fans of the musical, as they sang along with the singers and had every single word memorized. They weren’t great singers and were quite off-key, which led to a number of people glancing at them disapprovingly due to their growing annoyance. Being right in front of them, I could hear them the loudest, but I wasn’t annoyed; I was amazed. Not because of their “incredible” singing, but because their passion was just so real and because they didn’t care what other people thought of them. Of course, it could be considered “public disturbance,” but it can also be considered as not being afraid of being judged and living their life in the present and to their most. To top it off, when the musical was over and dancing queen was being sung as an encore, they stood up, moved to the isle, and danced intensely. It really looked like they were enjoying themselves, without giving any thought to what others thought of them.

This sight, made me realize that we shouldn’t live in constant fear of being judged, but rather live for ourselves and do what we want to do, given that it isn’t something that may be considered illegal or a “public disturbance.” We should stop living like how others want us to live, and start living outside of the closet (not just sexuality, I mean for everything). 

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