Week #28: Back In Time (Korea)

When you think of Korea, what do you think of? Kimchi (obviously). Modern city. Gangnam style. High-tech. Samsung. Hyundai.

I’m placing my bets that its on at least a few of the things listed above. Don’t worry, even as a Korean, those are the first things that come to mind for me as well. But what a lot of people fail to see is the culture and traditions engrained in our past. There’s a small part of Seoul called Bukchon – which I frankly only found out about two months ago – where you can see the old traditional houses, which are called Hanoks. Although the interior might be modern, as a tourist roaming outside all you see is the traditional architecture that tells a  story by itself. Some houses have modern cars outside, but one of the roads had a really old car, and I think it really completed the whole picture of going back in time and experiencing what things might’ve looked like back then. So I took a picture of it and edited to make it seem a bit more vintage. Now that I look at it again, I think it might have been be a bit too much vignetting, but I think that extra vignetting isn’t too much to the point it takes away from the style of picture. More photos coming soon! 🙂

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