Week #29: Amsterdam

So in my first year of high school I went on two trips abroad – one to Singapore and another to Holland. The two trips were organized by the same chaperones, our Model UN director. While we were in Singapore, we found a big framed photograph – and when I say big, I mean big… it took two people to carry it – just abandoned on the streets at night. It was such a coincidence that out of everyone in Singapore, we were the ones that found the photograph. Why? Because it was a photograph of Amsterdam, the exact city we’d be going to in two months (Here’s the photograph by the way, if you want to see).

So when we went to Amsterdam, our teacher gave us a challenge. Find that exact place and put an orange bicycle there and replicate the photo. In the complicated roads of Amsterdam that are filled with temptation (like the Gouda cheese, the liquorice stores, the Amsterdam fries, and the forbidden district – not saying that we fell into temptation),ย of course, we could never find the actual canal with the lamp post or a canal bridge with an orange bicycle. For the following two years, the challenge continued, with no avail. This final year, the one year I took my camera with me on the trip, I found an orange bicycle. Although it might not be completing the challenge, I think its a good end to the trip. At least I got something sort of similar (at least in my opinion).

So, this photo is dedicated to the two teachers who chaperoned us the first and second year – the Flepherds. Thank you for making the trips super enjoyable and amazing.

Amsterdam Bike

P.S.ย I know I posted yesterday, but I won’t be able to post from next week again because of exams so I’ll post one today and another tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

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