Taxing Fast Food?

In cities, people are constantly in a rush, trying to waste as little time as possible. When we go to New York or London, we can see hordes of people stampeding their way onto public transportation. In such a fast-paced world, a large portion of the population has ended up being dependent on delicious Рbut at the same time, cancerous Рfast foods, such as burgers and pizzas. Generally speaking, fast food is preferred over traditional, slow-cooked meals, not only because of speed, but also cost. Fast food tend to be one of the cheapest foods out there, attracting frugal people and the less economically fortunate. Whilst it may be cheap and quick, it is essentially  a highway to obesity and other diseases, which leads us to the dilemma: should people pay more tax on fast food? Yes.

By increasing the overall price of fast food, we’ll be able to change the population’s inflated perception of fast food and, thereby, be able to deter people from indulging in these ‘toxic’ foods. In addition, as people are deterred away from fast food, we may be able to introduce healthier alternatives, which can help us cure and prevent diseases of affluence, such as obesity and cardiovascualr heart disease. Furthermore, by shifting the market from fast food companies to other smaller businesses and restaurants, we can destroy the monopoly these huge corporations have over the food industry. This, in turn, could also help curb the use of harmful farming practices – such as mass livestock farming, which is needed to keep up with the monumental demands of fast food chains. In conclusion, increasing the tax on fast food can – and will – result in a number of positive effects that will help a wide spectrum of people.

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