Week #31: Haze Days

My planned two-week hiatus ended up being a one month hiatus due to a sudden amount of school work. Sorry about that. But anyway, today’s post is about the haze days.

I live in South East Asia, and we’re having a really severe haze problem where there is just an extreme amount of particular matter and a ton of other toxic things in the air. It got to the point that I could barely make out the other high-rise building just 50 meters from my building. Essentially, it got similar to what you see on CNN when they show clips of Beijing, China. The API even shot up to around 200, which is really… not okay.

Whilst most of my posts have been choosing photos that I thought were good or had an interesting backstory to them, but today is to show you how bad it can get.

Note: The white in the photo isn’t the sky being over-exposed, its the haze. Also, the haze doesn’t look as bad on camera. It was way worse in real life.

IMG_8242 IMG_8251

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