Places I Want To Go: India

“Complexity.” That is the world I would use to describe India, at least from what I know. If we, as outsiders, look at India today, we can see its multifaceted nature, that encapsulates culture and the influence of modern life, such as through the incorporation of Western ideology and modern technology. Imagining a city in India, I think immediately of the bustling streets used by myriads of vehicles; vehicles that range from wagons to even the newly released Porche. India, in my mind, is not one country, but two countries that exist in unison. The land is the same, the culture is the same, but the way that the people live there has has been depicted to be vastly different. India has been portrayed by its residents, along with the mass media as the epitome of the disparities present within society. Whilst it is plagued by societal and economic issues, India is known to be absolutely stunning due to its cultural richness and diversity. Even though the cities may seem underdeveloped and maybe even “dirty” to some, they transcend the definition of beauty that we have adopted in recent times, which solely relies on aesthetics. The streets, buildings, and statues in India are cultural treasures that embrace India’s long history, filled with both glory and hardship. The India that I see is an India that is a prime example of duality, as India faces various problems, but is also inexplicably beautiful at the same time. This is precisely why I want to go to India at one point in life, so I may experience the beauty and the complexity that is India.

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