Photograph #32 | “The Temple in Twilight”

To me, sleeping has always been a rarity. The most active hours of my “day” are the ones that most people will consider the “ungodly hours,” from around 3 am to 5 am. Even on vacation in the distant and foreign lands of Cambodia, this unhealthy, but strangely ecstatic habit continued. So, when I was nudged awake at around 4 am, the time I would usually fall asleep, it felt bizarre and unusual to say the least. Dragging myself out of bed, I sluggishly put on my pants and lugged myself downstairs to where the taxi was waiting. I remember entering the cab, but moments after stepping inside, I started slipping back into the dream world.

The car stopped with a jolt and I snapped back into reality. Still trying to figure out my bearings, I painstakingly opened the door and stumbled out. In front of my eyes lay the magnificent Angkor Wat – at least its outlines, as it lay masked in pitch darkness. On the bridge leading to the architectural beauty that is Angkor Wat, there was a horde of people, rushing to find the best spots to watch as the sun rose behind this majestic temple. Making the way through the flock of people, I sat along the outskirts of the temple grounds, on the insides of the walls that encompassed the central structure of Angkor Wat. As I hastily stationed my tripod, the dark skies transformed into a multitude of colors; a blend between the serene blue and the strong red that signalled the beginning of the sunrise. As I framed my camera to capture the alluring sky, I spotted on the top right hand corner, a single star that shinned brightly even as the darkness seemed to fade away. At that moment, the hundreds of people that gathered inside the temple grounds, grew silent. Everyone was awe-struck at the beauty that was presented before us. A juxtaposition between nature’s elegance and the grandeur of human creation.


P.S. So it’s been around 3 months since my last “52 Week Challenge” post and I have a good reason for it. I actually ran out of photos. Well, technically, not really, but I ran out of photos that I was proud to say were mine or had an interesting story behind it. In addition to that, I was on hiatus due to my studies, as that should always come first. I hope you understand. Anyway, I have a bunch of new photographs that I’m excited to show you guys, so look forward to them!

Also, I decided to rename this series as just ” Photograph # | ‘Title’ ” seeing that my posts end up being anything but regular. By renaming the series, it not only allows me to post more often, but also allows me to continue the series and not end it at 52 posts. So, here’s to the many many photos that are to come in the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years! 🙂


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