Writing About Writer’s Block While Suffering From It

Although I aimed to have daily posts, I haven’t posted in a number of days. I do apologize for that, but you know what? Writers’ block sucks. What is worse is trying to write about writer’s block, while having it. This post is the product of hours and hours of writing, deleting, staring at my computer screen blankly, pacing around the room, and a lot of procrastinating. The problem with writing or wanting to write is that you could end up falling into one of the following (or in my case, all of the following):

No Motivation

The Problem | The most common form of writer’s block is lacking the motivation to write. While there is a part of you that is tugging at you to write or type something, something meaningful or witty or whatever, that small part of you can never seem to over come the rest of you that just doesn’t want to do it. Maybe you want to go watch another episode of Game of Thrones – which I recently started, and I’ll say is definitely worth the watch – or maybe you want to chat with friends about trivial things to pass the time. Whatever your mode of procrastination is, it’s perfectly normal.

The Solution | Like all things, there is no ONE solution. Depending on the situation, you might have to just take your time and wait until you are motivated or you might even have to sit yourself down and force yourself to write. As I write this post, I have promised myself that I will not sleep until this post is finished. Surprisingly, while it might not seem like a really big push factor, it is actually working quite well.

No Inspiration

The Problem | While lacking motivating is what plagues most people, whether it be for writing or not, lacking inspiration is the most dangerous. With motivation, if you set your mind to it, it can be quite easily fixed; however, with inspiration it’s a totally different ball park.When you don’t know what you want to say, you won’t know it until it comes to you naturally. You can’t force it upon yourself to find an idea or to find something interesting. Sometimes, this might take a few days, a few weeks, months, or maybe even years. That is why lacking inspiration is the most dangerous form of writer’s block. It tortures many writers, as they itch to write, but are unable to find what they want to say. Inspiration comes from the heart and for you to find something authentic that also shows you as a person, can often be a very daunting and difficult task.

The Solution | While only time is the “solution” – as you may call it – for lacking inspiration, there are a number of things that you can do to help speed things up. One of the few things you can do is keep your eyes open and try to notice everything that happens around you. Look at the world in a way that you see what others might miss, or something that stands out to you, but maybe not others. A good way to practice that would be through photography, where you capture those moments with pictures so that you could refer to them later. Another way would be to day dream often, while listening to melancholy music, which is what I often do. Music is a very strong force, that can trigger a vast array of emotions, not depending on the music, but rather what you are actually feeling on that day. The same song could trigger a sad and scary thought on one day, but on the next day, it may trigger a joyful thought. Music, from what I have experienced, helps ease us into the emotions that lie deep within ourselves.


The Problem | Sometimes, you have an idea, an inkling about what you want to write. But sometimes, those thoughts don’t become fully developed and you’re not really certain as to how you should deal with it. What kind of writing you want it to be, the tone and mood you want to adopt, and the writing style all seem foggy. When this uncertainty dawns upon you, even with a pen in hand, you can’t seem to write anything. At least that is for me, since I only start writing things once I know the full picture of what I’m writing, whether it be a blogpost, poem, script, or a story.

The Solution | To be honest, I have no clue…

If you have any other solutions to any of the writer’s blocks you’ve personally faced, feel free to share it as a comment 🙂

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