About Us

About Me

Hi! First off, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Arthur and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. The blog that you’re reading encompasses various aspects of the world, such as international issues, politics, social issues, philosophy, as well as travel. I hope you enjoy your ‘stay’ 🙂

Shire Network

When I first began my blog in July 20th, 2010 I began it with a vision. A vision based on a term, “shire”. The term “shire” is an outdated term that is synonymous with “county”. In my mind, when I envision a ‘shire’ it is very homely, welcoming, and cozy like a community. My vision revolved around creating such a community, where people with similar interests could come together and collaborate, provide feedback, and share ideas.

This vision started out through my blog, “ArtyyShire”. As time passed, I began to expand my blog and have guest writers (such as Adrian S, Rasmus H, Suh C, Chris B). If the first frontier was writing, the others that are to follow are film and photography. Since ages ago, I’ve always wanted to give a go at film making. Even though I’m not the most emotionally in-touch person (which is really advantageous when writing scripts), I’ve always loved editing and shooting videos. As such, I recently launched a YouTube Channel, ShireShorts, which will feature short films, vlogs (occasionally), and random projects that I work on in Final Cut Pro X. Similar to my blog, I want to expand this channel in order to provide those who are more eloquent and articulate than I am opportunities to shine and help make a short film. I also want to provide aspiring actors a chance to act, and I also wish to challenge myself with the difficult task of being creative. Alongside film making, I’ve also decided to venture down the road of photography seeing that the two ‘fields’ share some similarities and through developing one’s photography skills, he or she can also develop his filming skills. As such, I decided to create a Flickr account, ShirePhotography.

The current list of members part of the Shire Network:

  • Chris B.
  • Faizan B.
  • Faris B.
  • Mark D.
  • Meghna S.
  • Suh C.

If you wish to contact me, for any reason (whether it be to simply ask a question, discuss ideas, collaborate), feel free to email me at shire.network@gmail.com.

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